AQUITY Innovations is a South African registered non-profit organization established in 2010. South Africa is a nation of over 50 million people whose social and economic progress, which has made it a leader in Africa and the rest of the world, has been threatened by the alarming health burden the country faces. As South Africa works to tackle the epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis, alongside the development of critical health and social services capable of reaching those most vulnerable, the country has benefited most from the talent, creativity, and commitment of the country’s health and social science professionals, and community groups who have led the way to develop local solutions that work against the most difficult health problems. Our motto, Access and Quality through Innovations and Technology (AQUITY) drives us to support the South African government, health and social services institutions and communities to strengthen their responses to the country’s health and social challenges, in the belief that South Africa possesses the capacity needed to improve health and development systems and build a prosperous future for all South Africans.

Strengthening systems and empowering Southern African communities

In the few years of its existence, AQUITY has made an impact not only in South Africa but also in other parts of the Southern Africa region through its local capacity building and health systems strengthening initiatives particularly in the area of TB and HIV service delivery. AQUITY specialises in TB programmes, orphans and vulnerable children programming, youth development, adolescent health, HIV and other chronic conditions including diabetes, psychosocial support, legal and policy development, social facilitation and community development, quality improvement practices, and systems and facility strengthening initiatives which include upskilling staff and mentoring various health facilities. We have also coupled service delivery initiatives with a strong research and evaluation component and AQUITY has been commissioned by reputable international organisations, to conduct research and program evaluation for evidence-based interventions. To achieve all this AQUITY relies on the combined expertise and experience of its diverse team made of health professionals, social scientists, researchers as well as monitoring and evaluation experts.

As we go into our next decade of existence, we remain committed to expanding our reach to the most vulnerable and marginalised populations and to broadening our reach and scope to deliver services aimed at improving education, addressing a range of social ills, and strengthening governance in our society.