The overall mission of AQUITY Innovation is to improve and strengthen the health system and deliver quality programs that will not only make an impact in the area of implementation but reduce the overall TB burden in the areas of implementation. This is attained by clearly defining key strategic components of the framework and institutionalizing quality improvement methodologies to improve patient outcomes. At the centre of this QI framework are two major components, what is done (inputs), how is it done (processes) and evidence of outcomes (reporting). Addressing each of these components could lead to improvement of programmes, but the most powerful impact occurs by addressing all simultaneously.

Figure: IHI Collaborative Framework, Breakthrough Series Model

For this framework to be successful, AQUITY will ensure evidence-based norms, standards, protocols, and guidelines are in place and are used to identify implementation gaps and measure continuously performance improvement. This will enable prompt remedial response to deviations and reduce impact from new risks.