AQUITY has been a leader in developing the capacities of local communities and public sector partners to manage and scale-up HIV services, particularly in Southern Africa, and has been a strategic partner to the Provincial Departments of Health to implement provider-initiated HIC Counselling and Testing (PICT) in South Africa. In partnership with the University of Free State, AQUITY is contributing to a multi-site study of the comparative effectiveness of PICT service delivery models. The study will examine professional and community health worker training and mentoring interventions to improve uptake of PICT among TB patients and will build on work conducted by AQUITY’s staff to support the National and Provincial DOH in the conceptualization of the PICT model. AQUITY will provide training and on-site coaching to healthcare workers on pre- and post-test counseling skills and quality assured HIV testing according to national standards, geared at evaluating the implementation of and outcomes related to PICT.