Launch: Invest to End DR- TB in the Eastern Cape district 

Following the publication of the groundbreaking study ‘Achieving a step change in the tuberculosis epidemic through comprehensive community-wide intervention’ AQUITY in partnership with the Eastern Cape Department of Health, Nelson Mandela University, LTE diagnostics,, and Janssen Pharmaceutica has been able to start implementation of an approach to end TB in Nelson Mandela Metro by 2035. The intervention is based on lessons learned during interventions to locate missing TB cases in the Eastern Cape.

The AQUITY Innovations NPC is excited to announce its Khusela Project launch at the Community hall, in Veeplaas on 17 November 2022, between 10:00 am to 13.00 pm in partnership with other health organisations and community stakeholders. AQUITY will present strategies to help the Eastern Cape Health community respond to the country’s Tuberculosis challenges at the launch. 

The Khusela project’s main objective to prevent our communities from developing tuberculosis started in July 2022 in the communities of Nelson Mandela Metro. By the end of September 2022, through the support of the communities, it has been able to screen over 3,827 communities with 39 people with TB identified. 

Currently, AQUITY in addition to supporting ending TB in the community is also supporting the expansion of Paediatric Drug Resistant care in children in the Nelson Mandela Metro.