The primary aim of the study is to measure the prevalence of bacteriologically confirmed pulmonary TB (PTB) among 26,000 respondents in 54 clusters selected by systematic cluster sampling strategy. Age ≥15 years and residency in households constitute inclusion criteria forparticipating in the survey.

Screening is done by symptoms and chest X-ray, as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). Two sputum samples will be collected from respondents with cough≥14 days and/or abnormalities in lung (and from subjects who will not perform chest x-ray) and processed at the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL) Xpert MTB/RIF, liquid culture and identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Samples with no growth after 6 weeks are culture negative. Those with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) growth without co-isolate of mycobacterium tuberculosis are not TB cases. All invited participants will be offered HIV testing.

Data will be entered using Redcap. To protect confidentiality, the electronic data base will not bear names. Point estimates and 95% confidence intervals of variables including prevalence of bacteriologically confirmed PTB will be calculated. Preliminary results will be discussed 4-6 months after completing the survey, and a final report will then be generated and disseminated.

A Technical Working Group (Clinical practice, Data management, Laboratory representatives etc.) will be responsible for scientific inputs and survey monitoring; a Survey Implementation Team for day-to-day operations; three field teams for data collection; and a Data Management Unit for data management. All survey staffs have been trained to ensure standardization.

Benefits and risks of participating will be explained and written informed consent sought from respondents. Ethical Clearance was approved.